Survey + Registration for ‘Raise the Sun: A QTBIPOC Zine Workshop’

Flyer image with an illustration of a smiling sun reading a zine, with the text "Raise the Sun: a QTBIPOC zine workshop / Fri, April 21 / 6–8PM / Iffy Books / 319 N. 11th St. #2I, PHL

Howdy! I’m Pixel (He/They), your facilitator. 

You can help us curate the upcoming workshop “Raise the Sun: A QTBIPOC Zine Workshop” on Friday, April 21st, 2023, which will combine the spirit of Iffy Books’s zine collection and the aesthetics of solarpunk. This event will be coordinated by myself, a QTPOC, with support from allies: the Iffy Books staff. This survey lets us incorporate the needs and interests of potential attendees.

We will discuss our relationships we have with the sun across our cultures and identities. We will learn how to make our own zines to share those experiences as we imagine and realize better worlds aligned with solar embodiment. We will center the ways in which QTBIPOC are leaders in the climate movement as we exist and breathe as our radical selves.

People who identify themselves as both Queer and/or Trans and with Black folx, Indigenous folx and/or People of Color are invited to participate in this workshop and provide feedback to the survey. A QTBIPOC space is a step towards ensuring these resources are accessible to groups that have been historically marginalized and are disproportionately affected by climate change. 

We’re planning for a 2-hour zine-making workshop with 20–25 participants. This workshop is open to folx at all levels of experience, whether this is your first time hearing the word “zine” or you’ve got a personal distro running out of your bedroom. 

Your survey responses are helpful, even if you can’t make it to the workshop on April 21st. 

This survey will close on March 31st.

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