Survey + Registration for ‘Raise the Sun: A QTBIPOC Zine Workshop’

A line drawing of a smiling sun with eyelashes looking to the side, holding a zine with the Iffy Books logo on the cover.

Quick Definitions

What is a zine? A zine is a small pamphlet created, published, and distributed by an individual or collaborative community on any topic, though they have a history in activist and punk spaces. They are informal, made for pleasure and rarely for profit. We will discuss the history and praxis of zines more during the workshop.

What is solarpunk? Solarpunk is an aesthetic and a movement to imagine and take action to create a more sustainable society, especially through the use of solar energy.

These definitions are suggestions, and as you learn more about these topics, we encourage you to challenge, critique, and remix this language as feels right to you!

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