☀️ Solar Synthesizer Kit


All the parts you’ll need to build a solar-powered oscillator circuit you can use to make music.

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This kit includes all the parts you’ll need to build a solar-powered oscillator circuit. First you’ll use two NOT gates to generate a square wave. Then you’ll add two push button switches and a potentiometer to adjust the pitch.

No soldering required! Suitable for kids.

You’ll get a printed zine with step-by-step instructions, which you can also find on our site:

☀️ Build a Solar-Powered Music Synth
☀️ Screen reading PDF
☀️ Print-imposed PDF

Price includes shipping (media mail) in the U.S.

The mail order version of this kit comes in a cardboard box, without the plastic cup included in these photos. Some parts may look slightly different.

Closeup of an assembled solar synth kit: a breadboard with an integrated circuit, two switches, two capacitors, two resistors, a potentiometer, four jump wires, a solar panel, and a piezo speaker taped to a plastic cup, which acts as a horn loudspeaker.

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