Mesh Jam 2022 at Iffy Books

The words "MESH JAM 2022" in distorted black letters, following a circular wave pattern

August 13th & 20th, 2022

📼 Videos from Mesh Jam 2022 📼

Let’s Define a Paper-and-Pencil Chat Mesh with Matty

Welcome to Mesh Jam 2022 by Steve

A Talk by Allan Gomez from Philly Community Wireless

Intro to Encrypted Messaging with LoRa + Meshtastic with Steve

Building Off-Grid Networks with Reticulum with Paul

Agregore Browser, Community Hosting, & Gemini with Paul

An Introduction to Hardware Hacking, UART and Serial Interfaces with r0guer4t and [mbm]

A Talk by Alex Wermer-Colan from Philly Community Wireless

P2P Messaging with Briar w/ Paul

Thanks to everyone who helped make Mesh Jam 2022 a success!

Schedule for Day 1: Sat, August 13th

Schedule for Day 2: Sat, August 20th

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