Send files securely with Magic Wormhole 🔐 March 26 & 27

A time-lapse photo of the night sky with the following text: Send files securely with Magic Wormhole / Iffy Books / Free Tutorial March 26 & 27 / Drop in 12–6 p.m. / 319 N. 11th St. #3D

On Saturday, March 26 and Sunday, March 27 we’re running a tutorial on Magic Wormhole, an easy-to-use program for sending files over an encrypted channel. Stop by any time 12–6 p.m. to get a free zine and learn more!

Here’s a link to the Magic Wormhole docs, including installation steps:

And here’s a link to Magic Wormhole on GitHub:

Two terminal windows over the night sky, with the following text: To send a file with Magic Wormhole, run a command like this one. / wormhole send ~/Desktop/Secret_Document.pdf / Then give the wormhole code to a friend so they can download the file over an encrypted channel. / wormhole receive 2-miracle-cubic / Easy & safe! / Iffy Books