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🕳 LoRa Meetup [Networks of Philly is postponed]

July 23, 2022 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Event flyer with bars across it that say "Postponed!" and "We'll have a LoRa meetup instead." The original flyer has black sans-serif text and a pink-orange gradient around the border. The text reads "Networks of Philly / A presentation on urban telecon infrastructure by Mike Dank / Saturday, July 23 / 2:00 p.m. / Iffy Books / 319 N. 11th St. #3E (3rd floor)." In the middle of the flyer there's a manhole cover with a hexagon pattern and the inscription "W•U•Tel•Co"

Mike’s Networks of Philly talk is postponed until further notice. Sorry about that! We’ll let you know when we schedule a new date.

Instead, on Saturday at 2 p.m. we’ll host a LoRa (long-range radio) meetup. Bring a LoRa device if you have one, borrow one of our loaners, or buy your own for for $25.

On Saturday, July 23 at 2 pm, Mike Dank will give a presentation on the hidden internet infrastructure that surrounds us in Philly. We’ll also have copies of Mike’s new zine, LoRa + Meshtastic: Encrypted messaging from your phone without the internet. Hope to see you there!

Philadelphia’s network infrastructure is messy, clumsy, and often unseen by the general public. Wandering the streets, you may get a vague understanding of what’s going on—a manhole cover sits unassumingly on the crosswalk, or maybe a mysterious box with an antenna sits high upon a wall in a back alley, humming into the night. Under your feet and above your eye line, data is soaring by through brightly-lit fiber cable and ethereal radio transmission. The city is alive, but few may ever under stand to what extent.

A manhole cover with letters in the center that spell "P E Co"

A manhle cover with the letters "EB"

Orange spraypaint on an asphalt street, spelling "MCI"

A photo of a plastic box attached to a pole, with an air monitoring device attached to the side.

A photo of 500 S. 27th St., a large, windowless, brick building with the AT&T logo on the side.

Red pixelated text on a black background: "You have just stumbled upon a really cool piece of infrastructure!" White text below says "networksofphilly.org"



July 23, 2022
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Iffy Books
319 N. 11th St. #2I
Philadelphia, PA 19107 United States
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Iffy Books