On Feb 19 & 20 (this Saturday & Sunday) we’re hosting a tutorial called Spread ideas with a pocket wi-fi portal. You’ll learn to create a wi-fi access point + web server using the Wemos D1 mini, a low-cost development board based on an ESP8266 microcontroller. It has onboard wi-fi, an 80 MHz processor, and 4 MB of storage. You can program it using the Arduino IDE.

Download the zine PDF and project code to get started! Many thanks to Chris, Sharp, Joe, Nomad, et al. for feedback and help with testing.

📶 Spread ideas with a pocket wi-fi portal
📶 Screen reading zine PDF
📶 Print-imposed zine PDF
📶 Project code on GitHub

We have Wemos D1 mini clone boards for $4! We also have a free zine with instructions for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Bring a laptop if you want, and we’ll help you get set up.

If you want to play it safe, you can reserve your board(s) here: https://iffybooks.net/reserve-a-wifi-board/

See you this weekend!

Zine cover: Spread ideas with a pocket wi-fi portal: a how-to guide from Iffy Books