Order an $8 Challenge Router

Photo of a shrinkwrapped router box that reads "Atlas Media Wireless AC1200 Dual-band Router." There's a green piece of paper taped to the box with the following text: 
"$8 Challenge Router / Can you install OpenWRT on this router? We'll give $100 to the first person who can show us how. / You can also use it as a regular router! / Proceeds benefit Philly Community Wireless & Iffy Books"

We’re selling these hackable Atlas Media routers (produced in 2014) as a fundraiser for Philly Community Wireless & Iffy Books. Members of our community have been working toward installing open firmware such as OpenWrt, which would make it possible to build mesh networks and other creative projects.

We’re offering $100 to the first person who can install OpenWrt and tell us how. Here’s a post with details on getting started.

An icon of a cracked bell with a wi-fi logo next to it and the following text: "Philly Community Wireless / Get Connected." On the right side is the Iffy Books logo.

To order a challenge router, send an email to iffybooks@iffybooks.net. Thanks!

The back of a router box with an illustration of several computers connected to the router. The product description begins, "The Atlas Media dual-band router (AMW-DBR 1200AC) delivers wireless speeds up to 1200 Mbps and avoids interference and disruption for hassle-free and reliable connections."