New zine! Against Intellectual Property by Dante Scanline

Photo of three copies of the zine "Against Intellectual Property" by Dante Scanline at Iffy Books. The text begins, "As an intellectual property (IP) abolitionist, I don’t support any legal enforcement of intellectual property. IP includes things like copyright for creative works and patents for inventions and processes."

We liked this blog post by Dante Scanline so much, we made it into a zine! We’ve handed out hundreds of copies at Iffy Books, and now you can print your own.

πŸ“„ Against Intellectual Property
πŸ“„ Screen reading PDF
πŸ“„ Print-imposed PDF

Here’s an excerpt from the essay:

The outcome [of copyright and patents] is morally wrong: It is somewhat widely accepted that depriving others of food and medicine is a cruel thing to do. How much more cruel is it then to prevent others from working to make their own food and medicine simply because you β€˜own’ the techniques or ideas involved? Even if we accept the idea that IP protections are necessary to incentivise production, what good is it to those who can then no longer afford the products sold at IP monopoly prices? Those of us who are living through the covid-19 pandemic should be intimately familiar with all of the disparities and choked production in the medical sector.

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